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Since 1966, AIRVIEWS has provided aerial photography services to the southern California real estate marketplace. Today, our archives contain 400,000 images. Ask for a search or request a custom aerial image that shows the current site condition and the surrounding properties that influence the value of your project.

You can gain instant insight from aerial photography which provides visual communication explaining real estate. Our services include Oblique, low level, close-up and higher overviews, Vertical mapping photography or the motion of Video. AIRVIEWS is your source for images that communicate.

Graphic enhancement services include headers, subject outline(s), major streets identification and significant call-outs that explain your real estate opportunity. AIRVIEWS prepares presentation enlargements, mounted displays, lamination (including dry-erase) and office/boardroom displays. In-house printing of enlargements 44” x 120” can be made available.

Read the About section to read about Fred Emmert’s story. Professional real estate appraisal skills along with years of research and consulting has given Fred the insight that interprets the “scene” you need to draw attention to how your real estate project is perceived. Instant Insight and Visual Communication defines AIRVIEWS through involvement, dedication and delivery of service.

Words fill up the page, typically about 250 on each page of text. Think about it, save four pages of long winded writing and substitute a picture of a 1000 words.

Aerial Photography • visual communication • Instant Insight

AIRVIEWS has served the southern California real estate community since 1966

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  • Meet Fred Emmert

    An Elementary School field trip to the observation level atop the Los Angeles City Hall provided an exhilarating aerial view and opened Fred's eyes to his future [...]

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  • The AIRVIEWS Video!

    There's a lot more to AIRVIEWS than you may know! Watch this short video of Fred Emmert's daily life of aerial photography.

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  • Over 50 Years of Stock photography

    AIRVIEWS image database contains over 400,000 stock images, including historical stock aerial images. See what your property looked like 40 years ago!

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  • "OH, SEE! A 50 Year Aerial Perspective

    A lieftime acheivement in production. Fred Emmert's "OH, SEE" is a 50 year aerial perspective of OC Presented beautifully inside this hardcover book.

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  • Get a Custom Photo Quote For Your Project

    Have a project you need aerial photography for? Let AIRVIEWS send you a price quote and aerial plan customized for your project.

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  • Fred's Favorite's

    Fred Emmert's favorite shots and locations over the past 40 years. These images are available for purchase in digital or framed print.

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  • Photo of the Month Contest!

    Can you guess where this photo was taken? Take a guess and win a 12x18 print for free! Check back every week for a new location!

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  • Fred's Blog

    Updated weekly, read and see the latest interesting pictures, developments, and news from Fred Emmert and real estate throughout southern California.

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  • Different Types of Work/Projects

    Not every aerial photography project is the same. View galleries of different projects shot by AIRVIEWS> and get an understanding of the process.

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