"Oh, See!"
50 Years In The Making

A Visual Diary of Orange County, California

We are reviewing 50 years of images from the Air Views Archives. Amazing how fast the memory module between me ears is activated with viewing each photo. Where we came from is who we are today.

Lloyd DeMers, founded Air Views in 1966. My aerial photo career started around 1970. When I purchased Air Views in 1988, as Lloyd retired, I had no idea our task of content curation would involve 400,000 aerial images.

Charles Leatherman (1905) and Henry Gallienne (1910) brought their families to Orange County, seeking a better life. My great-grandfathers are remembered for their construction and gardening skills. Charles, who migrated from Kansas, was a developer/contractor, that build the house that now sits at the southeast corner of 6th Street & Walnut Avenue in Huntington Beach. Henry, came from the Isle of Guernsey in the English Channel, was head gardener at Huntington Beach High School during the 1920’s and 1930’s.

But this visual story is not just about me and my family. It’s about you and your family – every one who came, visited and/or stayed in Orange County – maybe we could say “we are the cream of the crop.“

We all have a connection with the development of this county. You will see “what was” and “what is” the County of Orange. Changing from an agricultural county, finding oil in the ground, then developing residential growth that brought industry and commercial growth.

Expected release date Spring 2015